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We’ve talked about SPF and the importance of it, but what we also forget and shouldn’t are our lips. They need protection as well, as they are susceptible to skin cancer and aging. This is something that should concern us, who wants wrinkly lips? not me. I am obsess with my lips and have realize that a lot of girls know little about the subject, so I have done my research to help you take care those smoochers.

This is the advice from a very famous board-certified plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon.

Look for SPF 15 or higher and apply it often since we use our lips frequently, you’ll never really have enough of it. The sun is harmful regardless the season so use protection all year round. Beware lipstick is not a protection unless it has SPF otherwise lipstick can actually increase the lips absorption of sunlight.

This won’t take you a lot of time and will keep your lips soft and young-looking. Just don’t be afraid to use it and bring it with you at all times. There are a lot out there with or without scent and flavours experiment and find your own.

Kinerase Ultimate Volume:

This is my all time favorite is a lip conditioner with SPF 20 that deeply hydrates, volume-boost and anti-ages.


This is totally inexpensive and a great deal. Is naturally flavored and PABA free and has an SPF of 15.

Laura Geller Lively Lip:

The hydrating formula combines SPF 15 and vitamins A and E to help condition and protect, and aloe barbadensis leaf extract to soothe.

DR MD Copland lip protector:

Developed by a doctor it has a blend of powerful antioxidants as well as SPF #15. This moisturizes preventing cracking and dryness and also helps erase the appearance of fine lines around the lip line.

VMV-H Armada:

SPF of 60, you just can’t go wrong. It protects wonders and hydrates your lips like no other lip blam.


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